Please note that the following flowchart contains every aspect of our family prosperity services. Every family is unique and as such, there is no one size fits all strategy. The Charles Group will work closely with you and your family to implement a programme that meets YOUR FAMILY NEEDS.


Understand the problem facing wealthy families today

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Understand the current risks that you and your family are facing
“Seek first to understand before being understood” – Stephen Covey

  • Take our complimentary online basic family assessment.
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  • Schedule a call with one of our professional advisors.
  • Undertake our detailed family diagnostic which will give you and your family a written report clearly showing all the risks that can and will affect your family wealth legacy.

Document where you and your family want to be

  • Undertake our Family Day which will start the process of installing the First (and most important) Fundamental of Family Prosperity – Communication.
  • Undertake our Vision Day to help establish and document the family’s vision for the wealth.

Reflect, Review and Communicate the Family Vision

  • Run a series of our Family Days (we recommend once a quarter) to ensure that the whole family is in line and following the Family Vision
  • Create a professional advisors blueprint - where all your professional advisors are aligned to your purposeful vision that inspires all your family members.
  • Hold your current professional advisors accountable to your family’s purposeful vision by undertaking our annual meeting with all of them.

Implement the Remaining Fundamentals of Family Prosperity

  • Agree all the roles and responsibilities of each family member
  • Establish a sustainable philanthropic arm for the family that helps to create a purpose greater than the individual needs of each family member
  • Create a family constitution and establish formal family governance
  • Record the stories of key members of the family to ensure that the human and intellectual capital is passed down through multiple generations
  • Mentorship for individual family members
  • Conflict resolution
  • Peer Group Learning

The Charles Group wants to guide your family so that it can build the Four Fundamentals of Family Prosperity

Only when the Four Fundamentals have been built will your family truly realise its authentic vision and achieve Family Prosperity.

We appreciate that every family is unique which is why we have created two groups of services to help you to decide what is relevant for your family’s needs.

Core Services

Family Diagnostic (Risk Analysis)

“Seek first to understand before being understood” Steven Covey

Before we can attempt to provide you with a solution it is imperative that we understand what the problem is. Every family is unique and we would never contemplate on providing a ‘one size fits all’ service. This is a significant version of our complimentary online questionnaire and will provide you and your family with a thorough analysis and indication of all the current risks of multi-generational financial failure.

Family Day

Ensuring that trust within the family is maintained through effective communication

This is one aspect of dealing with the number 1 issue currently faced by wealthy families today - effective communication. Every successful company has a Board of Directors that meet regularly to discuss the vision of the company, how they will achieve this vision and the current reality. Whilst this comes as no surprise we find it shocking that wealthy families do not hold formal meetings to discuss the family vision, how they will use the wealth to achieve this vision and the current finances the family has. We will help you to understand and appreciate what is required to ensure that the business of being a family is a successful one. We understand that these conversations are difficult to hold, which is why we come in as an independent intermediary to host these meetings and to ensure that they are structured, timely and deal with a pre-agreed agenda. We recommend that you host regular family days throughout the year.

Vision Day

Creating an inspirational direction for the family’s wealth

In order to find a solution it is vital to understand where the family sees itself in the future and how they wish for their wealth to be utilised. We help families to create an inspiring vision in order to create a purpose for the family wealth that is greater than each member’s individual needs. Whilst we understand that not every family member will want to take an active role in the family business or its assets it is still imperative that they are united in wanting to make sure that the family wealth thrives over multiple generations.

Core Values & Roles within your Family

Establishing accountability within the family

This is an extension to our family day product. Firstly we will assist with creating effective communication between all the family members by undertaking our Values exercise. This will enable everyone within the family to understand and appreciate everyone’s values which will facilitate better conversations and less emotional arguments.

“Do unto others as they would have done unto them” - Milton Bennett

Knowing everyone’s values within your family will greatly help to communicate with them in an effective manner.

In order to formally establish the business of being a family, we will help to create roles and responsibilities within the family. This will help to create a Family Board and is the beginning of the creation of family governance for your family (see optional bespoke services).

AGM for Advisors

With our background as professional advisors (in accountancy and tax), we find it amazing how few advisors communicate with each other. Surely if you want the best advice for your family then your advisors MUST speak with others. For example, in order to create a tax-efficient will, your lawyer should communicate with your tax advisor and your accountant. However this rarely happens. We help to facilitate this line of communication by hosted every year a meeting of all your family’s professional advisors. These meetings will allow you and your family the opportunity to communicate the family’s vision to your advisors and to ensure that they are held accountable in helping your family to achieve this vision. It also provides an opportunity for several members of your family to meet and familiarise themselves with the family’s advisors.

Sustainable Family Philanthropy

Keeping in line with your family’s vision we will help your family get clear on what difference they want to make to this world with their philanthropy. Good causes range from improving education right through to providing a water supply to an area in a developing country. We do not expect your family to support every good cause so it is therefore vital that you choose an area(s) that inspires each and every family member.

As part of this service, we can also introduce you to a law firm who will help to set up the relevant structure such as a Charitable Trust.

Optional Bespoke Services

Story Recording

One of the key failings that cause multi-generational financial failure is not being able to pass down the human and intellectual capital. Families that only focus on passing down the financial capital to the next generation are doomed to fail. Human and intellectual capital is the knowledge behind the money; the family stories, experiences and expertise which defines the family name. Why would you not want to transfer this invaluable information onto the next generation?

By recording your personal story you can create a priceless asset that will survive for multiple generations. Help your next generation to appreciate the family wealth and more importantly learn from your lifelong lessons by creating a video or series of videos that can be stored and saved for hundreds of years. You have the choice whether to record a simple interview or go as far as creating a world class documentary about your life.

Family constitution + governance

Governance is the clarity of structures, processes and tools to ensure the ‘Board’ can organise itself effectively to discharge its functions. A collective board should have the right range of skills and experience to set the strategic direction and uphold the values and objectives. Usually the term ‘governance’ is associated with companies and good governance is essential for the long term success of any company. It is clear and obvious that any company needs a Board that effectively communicates regularly in order to achieve the purposeful vision of the company.

However, why can’t the same ideology apply top high net worth families? Clearly such families will have a significant financial sum in terms of business assets, liquid assets and real estate. Surely the management of these financial assets in an effective manner to ensure multi-generational success is a ‘business’ in its own right? At the Charles Group we call this ‘The Business of Being a Family’. Therefore like all successful business, good Family Governance is required and we are here to help YOUR FAMILY setup the right structures, roles and responsibilities of your Family Board to ensure that your family is on the right path to achieve its Family Vision.

Mastermind peer groups

Mastermind group is a peer-to-peer mentoring concept used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members. It was a concept that was described in detail by Napoleon Hill in his best selling book, Think and Grow Rich. Usually used by people in business, we have adapted the concept and applied it to high net worth families to provide a safe and confidential arena to enable them to dive deeply into discussion and work with members of other families to create success as each member defines it. Focusing on the two key problems faced by high net worth families, communication and preparing the heirs, our Mastermind Groups provide members with a platform to learn and help each other by sharing ideas, knowledge, experiences and expertise.


Mentoring is a long-term process based on mutual trust and respect. It is focused on creating an informal association between the mentor and the mentee. Our aim is to pair the family member with the right mentor who will share their skills, knowledge and expertise to assist that individual to get clarity on their personal vision and then to help them on the road to achieve it.

Conflict Resolution

An unfortunate aspect of many families. Conflict within the family will damage trust (sometimes beyond repair) which will result in an emotional breakdown and if not quickly resolved can and will cause the family dynamic to implode. Conflict is too destructive within the family to be ignored but can be very difficult to resolve. When the Williams Group conducted their research of 3,250 families over a 25 year period their results showed that 60% of these families failed financially because of trust and communication breakdown. If there are existing unresolved conflicts within the family it will be impossible for us to assist in helping your family get clear on its vision and to create effective lines of communication.

Thankfully our team of experts will help resolve these conflicts will the proviso that each conflicting member actually wants to find a resolution.

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