Today only 30% of families will successfully retain their wealth over two generations and only 10% will successfully retain their wealth over three generations.

The Charles Group’s aim is to REVERSE these damning statistics.

Our Vision

To help families make a positive impact on our planet through sustainable philanthropy.

  • To bring about collective family unity that will establish the family financial legacy.
  • To increase the number of families globally who successfully retain their wealth for more than 3 generations.


Our Mission

We educate and connect families to empower them to build and sustain wealth over multiple generations.

In doing this we are committed to the following:

  • To help guarantee the success, growth and protection of the wealth built by successful entrepreneurs and their families.
  • To help your family utilise its wealth in a positive way to helpimprove the world we live in.
  • To prevent your family money being squandered via litigation,divorce, mismanagement, taxes and poor investment decisions.
  • To enhance the communication both within your family and with your advisors. Research has proven that poor communication and lack of trust is the number one reason why families end up losing all their wealth.
  • To assist all wealthy families to build on their hard work and continue to grow the family’s wealth.
  • To teach other professionals how to help their family clients with what is required to successfully retain and grow wealth within the family for multiple generations.
  • To provide educational content online so that all families can learn how to provide long term sustainable wealth for the next generations.

Our Mission Statement

Connecting, facilitating, mentoring and teaching multi-generational purposeful, prosperous families and their advisors.

Our highest value is family prosperity! Our aim is to help your family to avoid destructive breakdown and to secure its prosperity for multiple generations.

Our Values

  • Education & MentorshipTo encourage and assist the next generation with wealth education and mentorship.
  • Effective CommunicationTo help your family secure relationships through effective communication to establish long-term family trust and prosperity.
  • Family SecurityTo serve families to help them secure, protect and expand their wealth for multiple generations.
  • Understanding RelationshipsTo understand our client’s family dynamic. To help each family member to better understand one another’s value system.
  • Sustainable PhilanthropyTo help your family secure relationships through effective communication to establish long-term family trust and prosperity.
  • Aligned Professional AdvisorsTo bridge the gap between the family and its advisors and to make the advisors accountable to the family’s needs and wishes.


Allana Pratt
Intimacy Expert & Relationship Coach

John Castagnini saved my relationship with my son. I suffered a 13-year custody battle. Our son had suicidal ideations. I sold my house, liquidated my savings and went into a quarter million dollars in debt to finance the legal fees. I’d gone to therapists, energy healers and gurus. Yet, in the end my son wanted to live exclusively with his dad and blocked me from even texting him. Then I met John and committed to his equilibration training. His knowledge and expertise have enabled my son and I to enjoy the perfect mother/son relationship for now, according to our values and hearts’ truth. I am forever grateful for his help.

Derek Mills
Author, International Speaker & Financial Advisor

Nicholas uses both his personal, as well as his professional, experience and expertise to help families retain their wealth for multiple generations. He has created a unique service and unlike most professionals, takes the time to seek to understand the problems faced by each family before providing them with a bespoke service to best suit their needs. I enjoy working with him and the Charles Group because they have similar values to us when working with clients.

Ashley Toft
Managing Director of Explore

Alistair’s excellent coaching style and ability to get us visualizing what success looks like was a huge contributing factor in creating what I believe to be a powerful purpose statement, along with a clear vision and values which now run through everything we do. I would recommend Alistair to anyone who wishes to challenge themselves and transform any aspect of their lives.

Nicholas Charles FCCA is a family prosperity advisor. He created the Four Fundamentals of Family Prosperity© a bespoke programme that helps families to retain their wealth for multiple generations.
Nicholas started his journey in Family Prosperity to create a paradigm shift in family wealth legacy planning. His purpose is to help families understand the business of being a family. Know More

Alistair lives with his wife and two sons in St Albans in the UK. After a 20 year career in business leadership in 2006 Alistair became a consultant, mentor and coach for entrepreneurs, business leaders and high net worth family members in both the USA and the UK. Know More

John Castagnini is an ontologist, public speaker on consciousness, and publisher of the best-selling "Thank God i" series of self-help books. John has appeared in several movies, including the spiritual documentary Discover the Gift, co-starring with spiritual leaders The Dalai Lama and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, as well as international relationship author Barbara De Angelis. Know More

The Charles Group is proud to bring to its leading team of experts – Karl George, to help bring about effective governance structures within the family dynamic. Karl has an authentic and sincere passion for governance which stems from his drive for openness and transparency across all sectors and his professional background as an accountant where there is a strong focus on compliance and oversight. Know More

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