He is driven by the need to educate individuals everywhere about the dangers of poor governance and offer them sustainable and credible solutions to avoid failures that can impact lives and reputations. Karl is an avid believer in Bob Garrett’s governance philosophy that: ‘…the fish rots from the head’ and as such, works directly with boards and the C–suite to help them enhance their current understanding of managing an organisation by enlightening their application of governance from a strategic perspective.
He is a leading advisor and commentator on governance globally and provides organisations including listed companies, leading professional service firms, governing and membership bodies, sports organisations and faith-based institutions with expert advice on the enhancement and implementation of governance codes.
He is a thought leader and internationally established governance consultant and Managing Director of the governance forum, working with boards and senior executives across the private, public and voluntary sectors with over twenty years combined experience in accountancy, business and strategic development. Karl created the Governance Assessment Process (GAP) which was endorsed by the late Sir Adrian Cadbury – the chair of the Cadbury Committee and has been delivered to hundreds of organisations across all sectors. Once completed, the Process awards organisations a kite mark in governance.

When Nicholas introduced the concept of the business of being a family to Karl, he fell in love with the it immediately. He understood the importance of creating formal governance within high net worth families because when you fail to plan you plan to fail. Nevertheless, he was shocked to hear that 70% of families will lose all their wealth within just two generations and over 90% within three generations. He is inspired to create a paradigm shift in wealth legacy planning and the Charles Group is very excited to have such a leading expert in governance working towards our vision of transforming the world one family at a time.
As well as sharing his knowledge and creating impact through improving the ways boards work, it is Karl’s innovation and passion for the importance and relevance of governance which have established him as ‘The Governor’.

Karl is the creator of Effective Board Member programmes which have been delivered across the world in partnership with organisations including PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), The Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA), The Football Association (FA), RSM UK, Edinburgh Napier University, the Association of Corporate Governance Practitioners (ACGP) and The Professional Cricketers’ Association (PCA). The Programmes have been developed specifically for CEOs, senior executives, women, young professionals, footballers, cricketers and other sports people.
Karl has been conferred an honorary doctorate, is a visiting professor, established author, sought after speaker and community champion and creator of The Board Game – a unique interactive learning tool which helps participants refresh their governance knowledge in a fun but challenging environment. His latest book, ‘The Effective Board Member’, launched in Autumn 2017 and immediately went to number one in the Best Sellers list for Management and Leadership on Amazon Kindle.

“…The amount of depth and information that I got about running a public listed company has been outstanding.”

Hussein Hachem

Chief Executive at Aramex

“I have never, in all the training he has conducted for PwC clients across the Middle East over the last three years, heard him be asked a question for which he has not had an insightful and well- thought-out answer based on his encyclopedic knowledge of the rules and principles of corporate governance as well as years of practising what he preaches. I commend Karl and his wisdom to you…”

Amanda Line

Partner at PwC

“Karl George provides a unique blend of coaching and teaching to assist both individuals and top teams to shine.”

Lord Herman Ouseley

Chairman of Kick It Out

“The Governor, through his excellent EBM Programme, demystifies governance, brings it down to a personal level and explains it in the context of your overall leadership skills and NED responsibilities.”

Geoff Cousins

Former Managing Director at Jaguar

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