Research has proven that more than 90% of wealthy families will FAIL financially within just three generations. Why does this happen?

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Fact: 90% of wealthy families will FAIL financially within just three generations.

Why does this happen?


Two UK based family wealth experts, accountant, Nicholas Charles, and private client lawyer, Antoaneta Proctor, have combined their knowledge, experience, and expertise to create this incredible book – Generational Wealth. Their sole purpose is to communicate the real, highly predictable reasons why most wealthy families suffer generational financial failure. Generational Wealth carefully explains the philosophy, strategies and steps required to solve a conundrum that has cursed most wealthy families.


The problem is NOT traditional professional advice. Tax, legal, financial, and structural advice may be important, but they are not fundamental when it comes to sustaining multi-generational financial success. Packed with real life stories and case studies, this book asks the important questions that your family will need to answer if you wish to keep your wealth in the family for generations to come.


Generational Wealth requires you to understand the problems faced by your family today; to have a clear vision of where your family wants to be in the future and to work consistently and collectively, as a family, towards achieving your collective vision.


This is the ultimate guide on how to retain your family’s wealth and establish a legacy that thrives for multiple generations and an impeccable resource.

Meet the Author – Nicholas Charles

Nicholas Charles FCCA is a family prosperity advisor, author, property investor and Fellow Chartered Certified Accountant. He created the Four Fundamentals of Family Prosperity© a bespoke programme that helps families to retain their wealth for multiple generations.

Nicholas started his journey in Family Prosperity to create a paradigm shift in family wealth legacy planning. His purpose is to help families understand the business of being a family.


Nicholas specialises in family prosperity advice, tax planning, asset protection and property consultancy. He is the CEO of the Charles Group an organisation that bridges the gap between High-Net-Worth Families and their advisors. Whilst working with families to help them establish and build the Four Fundamentals© he focuses on the one key area and the foundation for family prosperity – enhanced, effective communication both within the family and externally with their advisors.


After working with hundreds of family businesses and property investors Nicholas was shocked to discover that despite helping them to save millions in tax, they still managed to lose the wealth. It was at this point that Nicholas realised that Family Prosperity was not just a personal aspiration but something that was needed by all wealthy families. Combined with his personal story, Nicholas became inspired to create a Family Prosperity programme that would help families across the world to retain and grow their wealth for multiple generations.


Allana Pratt
Intimacy Expert & Relationship Coach

John Castagnini saved my relationship with my son. I suffered a 13-year custody battle. Our son had suicidal ideations. I sold my house, liquidated my savings and went into a quarter million dollars in debt to finance the legal fees. I’d gone to therapists, energy healers and gurus. Yet, in the end my son wanted to live exclusively with his dad and blocked me from even texting him. Then I met John and committed to his equilibration training. His knowledge and expertise have enabled my son and I to enjoy the perfect mother/son relationship for now, according to our values and hearts’ truth. I am forever grateful for his help.

Derek Mills
Author, International Speaker & Financial Advisor

Nicholas uses both his personal, as well as his professional, experience and expertise to help families retain their wealth for multiple generations. He has created a unique service and unlike most professionals, takes the time to seek to understand the problems faced by each family before providing them with a bespoke service to best suit their needs. I enjoy working with him and the Charles Group because they have similar values to us when working with clients.

Ashley Toft
Managing Director of Explore

Alistair’s excellent coaching style and ability to get us visualizing what success looks like was a huge contributing factor in creating what I believe to be a powerful purpose statement, along with a clear vision and values which now run through everything we do. I would recommend Alistair to anyone who wishes to challenge themselves and transform any aspect of their lives.

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The Four frequently asked questions about Family Wealth:

  • Typically, how is money lost within a family dynamic?

    The simple answer is because families fail to implement the Four Fundamentals of Family Prosperity! Reviewing the history of the biggest family financial failures provides an excellent insight into how easily the money can be lost which can be summarised by the following list:


    • Poor investment decisions
    • Divorce
    • Nepotism and not utilising meritocracy within the family business.
    • Distrust within the family due to poor communication which leads to emotional conflicts.
    • Addictive behaviour
    • No collective family vision for the long-term wealth
    • Litigation
    • Victims of fraud due to the lack of financial education for those that inherit the wealth. The biggest example was Bernard Madoff who cost investors $18 billion!
    • Poor professional advice from unaccountable advisors
    • Not reading and learning from my book!


    “It requires a great deal of boldness and a great deal of caution to make a great fortune; and when you have got it, it requires ten times more wit to keep it.”
    Nathan Rothschild

  • Is having a will and a world class trust structure sufficient to retain wealth in perpetuity?

    Unfortunately, this is one of the myths that surrounds wealthy families. Firstly, history has proved to us that nobody is too big to fail. In 2008 Lehman Brothers filed for what is still the biggest bankruptcy in history with more than $691 billion in asset value! Nevertheless, many wealth families continue to bury the heads in the sand and avoid the real issues that threaten their long-term wealth.


    Although a will and world class trust structures are highly valuable, they will not on their own protect your family wealth legacy. In fact, wills can be amended by family members after the donor has died! The greatest mistake families make is to avoid discussing the terms of their will and the family trust structure as well as failing to introduce the Trustees to the beneficiaries! It is during your lifetime and not after your death, where you need to put in place what is required to protect your family’s wealth legacy. This must include regular conversations with your family about the assets, businesses and investments held by the family and to empower the relevant family members to manage these assets.

  • Why is having a vision essential for wealthy families?

    A vision is a guide to the future and must inspire each family member to work collectively. Not having a vision leaves the family’s wealth legacy to chance which is never a good strategy. If the future is unclear, then how can you expect your family to work together towards a collective purpose?

  • How does the Charles Group help families establish effective communication?

    One of our core service offerings is The Family Day and enables to start the process of effective communication within your family. As independent professionals we help to facilitate and mediate a day whereby the family comes together as a unit to discuss everything that is important to protect, preserve and grow the family’s wealth legacy. Similar to Board Meetings within a corporation we will assist the family to meet regularly and begin to establish good family governance. We help to create a safe, confidential environment that enables and encourages all family members to air their thoughts and feelings which increases trust within the family and subsequently reduces the chances of emotional conflict and litigation. We utilise several methods to help create a better understanding within the family which includes undertaking and sharing detailed personality profile tests and the excellent values elicitation exercise.


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Interview with Nicholas Charles discussing his best-selling book.

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